Why Hiring a Professional?

I know, Uncle Bob or BFF Samantha have a great camera and could cover the event or shoot a headshot. But:
GEAR-CONTROL: a good photographer can do better shots with an iPhone than regular people with high-end cameras. 
EXPERIENCE: a good photographer knows to foresee what's gonna happen, and adjust to the different situation (try to follow a bride for a day, it's a sport). 
DEDICATION: a good photographer will keep focus on the assignment. Let your guests enjoy the event. 
CONSISTENCY: a good photographer, like anyone, can be sick or "out" on a day, but the good practices are deep rooted and he/she can "perform" anyway.

5 Reasons to hire Denis

KICK-ASS STYLE = You browsed my site and like the style of my images (well... hopefully) 
BROAD RANGE = I have a good knowledge of several photography types (details, people, real-estate, events, wedding, studio and natural-light), that gives me a sweet spot for event/wedding assignments. My modeling experience taught me a few things on posing and putting people in the best angle. 
YOU-APPEAL = Listening is everything. If the client likes "fun" or "romantic" I'll definitely work on different images. I shoot for you.

TOP-SHELF GEAR = full-frame SLR, full range of fast-glass primes lenses, on- and off- camera flash for all situations and highest technical quality. 
LIGHT UNDERSTANDING = It's all about the light. My signature is using bounced light to create flattering angles and avoid direct flash that burn the subjects or don't ignite the background. 
MANUAL MODE = Most of the people shoot on automatic or semi-automatic mode, there the camera makes all the decisions. And the very goal of the camera is to get as much focus as possible (not targeted) and with a middle-grey overall exposure. Even with high-end cameras this lead to uninteresting images. And more worrying, this doesn't work well with extreme situations (bride on light background, strong cast lightning, low-light...). I shoot all manual and think each picture individually.

QUICK TURNAROUND = I'm proud to say I shoot pretty "clean". This means that I think hard before every shot (white-balance, exposure, depth-of-field...) that allows me to spending minimum time editing. It is not rare that I can deliver edited images within 24h depending on the assignment. 
SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION = I'm all online. I understand the online buzz has to be rid when it's up. I can upload directly the event images on your Facebook organization page. 
PHOTOSHOP PROFICIENT = most of the time I use Photoshop very little and always with a lot of caution, but I'm fully proficient with it.

PROFESSIONALISM = I'm reliable, pretty reactive, present well and can adjust/stay invisible during events. On another matter I have a personal liability for event coverage (mandatory for a lot of venues) . 
SIMPLE USE = Most photographer attract people with low session fees but charge expensive prints. All my assignments come with high-resolution files and Personal Use license. You can either order directly prints/canvas/merchandising from your gallery or download the files and order wherever you want. 
PERSONALITY = I'm out-going and fun (and gay), it's important to "fit" in an event or "click" with people.

I'm French, it's supposed to be a label of Class, Openness and High Quality, isn't it? ;-)