Me Me Me, so who am I?

Level 1 answers: (if you seek elevator speech) Photographer. French. Gay. INFJ. Awesome. --> to know more about me, feel free to say hi on my personal Google+ or Facebook! :-)

Level 2 answers: (if you like BIO style) I moved to Washington DC in 2006 from Lyon, France. I always loved drawing and visual design, I started photography in 2002, capturing birthdays and personal travels. I really got serious about it in 2009 when I bought my first SLR. The need to "play" with depth-of-field, light/shadows and fun compositions was becoming too strong. Did you ever come across a painting/image and just stopped? It just made you stop and think (What? Why? How?... etc...). That's what I like. Self-taught in Art (my masters are in Science and Business) I love reading and most of my background in Photography comes from there. I also gained great knowledge from photographer friends and from being a model.

Level 3 answers: (for very tall building elevator trips) I'm drawn to pushing me further, understanding, improving things and helping people. Pushing vision-less papers and dealing with small details makes me dead inside. Connecting and sharing the moment with people makes my soul shine. I am sensitive to the big picture view and like to express myself visually. I prefer straight-to-the-point SMS and emails to phone conversations.

Level 4 answers: (if you went trough level 3 you can do level 4 ;-) I think the goal in life is to pluck up the roses while they're blooming... while seeding for the next harvest. I'm convinced that things and people are not black or white, but infinite shades of grays, and sometimes bright orange. I always thought I could draw, but somehow spent my childhood studying sciences. I'm really really good at summarizing and structuring a complex process or situation. I'm usually aware of my image but not over concerned of it, authentic is something too rare. I personally believe that "Act the Noble" is the key to happiness... and it avoids lots of stressful time-wasting drama. People seem to see me as a great guy, low-key, benevolent and dependable, but not to mess with.