You liked your images? Let's have fun and do something with them instead of letting them die on a hard drive!
An album is the best way to tell the story of your event/wedding (first heirloom!) or display your portrait session.

I have 4 products:
Coffee Table Regular (Level 1) and Deluxe (Level 2), 
Heirloom Regular (Level 3) and Deluxe (Level 4)


Check them out, they're great! :)

Level 1 - Coffee Table Regular

Image Wrap Hardcover Coffee Table

$300 for 12x12

-50% /identical or smaller copy

DREAM Albums (Leather)

Let's start designing your Leather album, a unique product that is totally YOU inside and out. And the full process is a blast!

Example of Album

Stephanie & Jason (flipbook 20x8, cover: leather white shameless with ribbon of red ladydanger Silk, thick pages metallic finish, 40 images)

1. Choose your SIZE

This is the first step, if the size is set you will know how much the album will cost and I can start designing it.

1:1 ratio 1 = 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14 

4:5 ratio 0.80 = 4x5, 8x10
6:7 ratio 0.78 = 5.5x7, 11x14
3:4 ratio 0.75 = 6x8, 9x12, 12x16
5:7 ratio 0.71 = 5x7, 10x14
2:3 ratio 0.66 = 4x6, 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, 12x18

2:1 ratio 0.50 = 16x8
5:2 ratio 0.40 = 10x4, 20x8

PRICING: simple! Add the length and the width or your album size and multiply by $100.
a 4x4 is $800, an 8x8 is $1,600, a 12x12 is $2,400, a 14x14/12x16/20x8 is $2,800, a 12x18 is $3,000.

2. Choose your IMAGES


- Paper: High-Quality Photo-paper (+$0) or German Art Paper (+$100)
- Thickness: Thick (+0) or Thin (+0), might depends on other options.
- Finish: Matte/Lustre (+0) or Metallic (+$100)


Standard Album includes 30 images (usually 15 spreads / 30 pages).
Usually my clients select 30-40 images.
We can definitely do (much) more.
$200 /10 additional images


I can either select myself the images for the draft or let you select them.

3. Choose your COVER

2 Tones no image 2 Tones with image 2 Tones with image

3a. TONES (+$0)

- 1 TONE: simple, the front, spine and back are all made from 1 same material
- 2 TONES: show your (event) colors! Most chosen by my clients. One material for the back and spine and one material for the front. Or One material for the full book and another one as a vertical or horizontal band/ribbon.
- 3 TONES: we can even have 2 parallel bands across the album.

Have a look at the available materials:

- Digital Swatches - Leather
- Digital Swatches - Non-Leather

IMAGE(S) EMBEDDED ON COVER: We can add 1 or several images on the front cover. Your choice.

SPECIAL WOW EFFECTS: zipper, braided leather strap, metal studs, heat-pressed imprinting.

3b. IMAGE PANELS (+$100)

The front cover is a big image panel, the spine+back is made with the material of your choice.
See below for all the different panel options. Those front panels are not available in all sizes.

ACRYLIC - sleek
- ICE (metallic print under clear beveled acrylic)
- MYSTERY GLASS (clear-muted or dark-bronzy acrylic panel showing the first page)

Ice Clear Muted Glass Dark Glass

METAL - powerful
- ARMOUR (metallic print bonded to an heavy piece of metal)
- EROTIKA (ink-on-metal cover showing metal in the highlights)
- BULLET (sleek smooth brushed metal, no image)

Armour Erotika Bullet

FABRIC - delicate
- CANVAS PANEL (heavy canvas print on the front)
- CANVAS WRAP (heavy canvas print wrapping the entire front/back/spine, fully customizable)

Canvas Canvas Panel Canvas Wrap

LAMINATE - texturized
- SERENITY (white textured laminate, no image)
- BEBBALICIOUS (armour image on metal with simulated wood panel)

Serenity Bebbalicious

ZIPPER (2 or 3 materials)


4. Choose your OPTIONS


- Album Envelope (+$300) with same materials as the cover.
- Designer Image Box (+200)


- Identical or smaller copies (-50%) perfect for parents
- Smaller Version Non-Leather PlayBooks (+$300 /copy) 
- Pocket Version PlayPals (+$150 /copy)