DLP Commercial

[by the license rights]

When the photographer works for his/her subjects, like in the case of a wedding or a portrait.

When the images are used to promote a company, a professional, or a product.
The photographer doesn't "sell" images but "license" then to the client for a specific use.
The value of the image is proportional to that use.

In commercial photography, the client buys usage of an image to sell a product or service. Therefore, the image will be printed/seen multiple times for advertising, which calls for a different pricing structure. Since the image is still the copyright property of the photographer, the client needs to purchase the image, according to use. Commercial assignments are broken down in 3 components:

1. Production Fee

The photography or creative fee is the cost of our service to shoot the assignment, this includes experience, creativity and professionalism.
- Session Fee: by the hour (C.f. portrait session fees) [$100 /h]
- Digital Time: culling, basic editing, sizing, conversion, filing, backup, transmitting. [$100 /h]
- Pre-Production: research, consulting, organizing to help run the shoot smoothly and efficiently [$50 /h]
- Post-Production: set breaking down, follow-up [$50 /h]

2. Expenses/Incidentals

- Transport/Hotel/Food for destination or on-location assignments
- Printing/Shipping costs
- Assistants/Model/MUA/Stylist hiring and fees
- Gear/Light/Props purchase and rental

3. License Fee

To keep it simple my photos are licensed to the client as one-time, non-exclusive, for North America rights. Other rights are added as needed by the client. Factors which affect the cost of the licence fee include:
- Distribution (circulation size, print run or number of hits on a web site).
- Area of use (local, regional, national, international) Duration of use (number of quarters)
- Kind of use (editorial, corporate/industrial, promotional/advertising)
- Location of use (Inside page, cover page, home page, banner, package, poster, billboard, etc.).
- Size of image (height x width)
- Exclusivity (Do you need to be the only one to use this photo?)


I will meet with you to discuss and understand what you want to achieve. I will then send you an estimate. Estimates are based on information received and are therefore subject to change if the job changes at any stage. Once signed and returned the work can be scheduled. Let’s get the best images possible to represent your company!

100$ per image + Use. Day and Drop'n'Pop rates available.
Advance editing $75/h. PrePress settings available.