Baby Program

The principle is to partner with a photographer to follow the first year of the life of your child. This is a truly intense year and children change with the speed of light. Like a wedding, this is a time where photography is not a nice-to-have anymore. You want to capture it properly, for you, for your family, for your child. 

The main milestones are: 

Pregnancy (best between 7 and 8 months when tommy just pass the breast line) 

- We can do traditional style (clothing on). fabric wraps or tasteful nude.
- I advise you to bring pre-pregnancy jeans, tube tops, bolero tops, nice/flirty lingerie or fabrics, jewels/props, or anything you'd like to wear...
- Spouse/partner and children are welcome to be included.
- I do a few slim/trim enhancements as most women gain weight in places they'd rather not, let me know if you prefer no touch ups.
- Plan 2 hours and make sure to bring water and snack in case.

Newborn (up to 6 weeks, the younger the better, the first week is the best), 

- Usually Parents are in dark clothes and babies are naked.
- I go through a 5 key poses routine that looks good all the time: Nest, Cradle, Rugby, Chest-to-Chest/Burping, and Tilt.
- Then we do details (feet, hands...). And maybe a miracle shot (in a basket, hammack, laid on fabric...) according to the baby, time and client wish.
- You will get wet, if I catch it, the image is complimentary for you ;-)
- The earlier, the better for babies in general. They usually have a 20 min window than we don't want to miss.

3 months (head-holding, know their parents, on schedule), 
6 months (back-holding, sit, chubby bubbly), 
9 months (arm-holding, crawling, standing with support) and 
12 months (leg, walking, busy and always moving, first steps, clingy, understand people and like to dress up).

The deliverables depends on the clients. Some people like having an album of each session. Final deliverables can be a big album, and often a great full-size wall mounted composite image that will stop you every time you pass along it.