How to Use your Online Gallery

Open your gallery.


COLLAGE: All the images are displayed in a collage setting that adjust to your screen and tells the story of your session.

FULL-SCREEN: Click on an image thumbnail to get a full screen view. To Exit and go back to the collage view mouse-over the image and click on the cross icon on the left right corner.


MANUAL SLIDESHOW: From a full-screen image, you can reach the previous/next image with the left/right arrows symbols/buttons on the R/L sides of the screen or with the keyboard left/right arrow keys.

AUTOMATIC SLIDESHOW: From the gallery collage, use the grey button slideshow (top right corner). For full-screen images: on the bottom left corner the grey slideshow button (play) will give you an automatic full-screen preview of the gallery. You can pause it (pause/play symbol or space bar), or go backward /forward (left /right arrows buttons or keys). Click on the cross on the top right corner to exit the slideshow.


On the bottom right corner, you can SHARE through email or social media, COMMENT, LIKE, or get image INFO.

Open an image in full-view, on the bottom right corner click on the DOWNLOAD ICON.
You can also select different image size with the SIZE ICON. Right-click on the image and choose "save as...".
- 200x300 - S
- 300x450 - M (portrait proofs)
- 400x600 - L
- 500x750 - XL
- 600x900 - X2L
- 800x1200 - X3L (events proofs)

Use the DOWNLOAD ALL button. 
DO ARCHIVE your images, you never know. :)


You or your guests/friends can order gift prints and merchandising directly online and through one of the best professional lab in the country.For wall display and big print, please see with me first, I'd love to run a careful edit of the image to make sure the final product is flawless and WOW.

MENU PRINTS: 4x6 $1.00 - 5x7 $2.00

MENU MERCHANDISE: great party favors for your guest before or after the party! Stickers, postcards, mouse pad, panels, tile, organizer, box, mug, puzzle, coaster, tags, magnet, bag, cards, buttons, shirts...