What do I want? - It all depends on your goals, messages and uses. Gathering images you like (mood, style, poses, locations) is always a big plus to let me know what you are looking for. If not that's also cool, I'll do my stuff (Cf my portfolio, candid photojournalism with an editorial twist).

Where to shoot? - I like to shoot outside, or on locations with natural light. I also have studio lights at my place/studio. We can meet up at your place, a place you like or my place/studio (17&T NW DC) and change outfits there between 2 series. Great pictures are not really about backgrounds but about great light (I love overcast) and great expression.

What to wear? - It's simple, choose garments into which you feel good! If you still have no clue then simpler is better (e.g. solid colors). Stay close to your style and personality. Avoid logos, eye-catchy jewelry, and wrinkled garments. Usually 1h gets 2-3 outfits. Some people like to bring a suitcase and we can still decide together on the spot. I usually don't use a make-up artist or hair-stylist (but I can book one and charge you back if you wish), feel free to bring your own products.

How to prepare? - Be rested and drink plenty of water the day before your session, that does miracle for your skin.

Can I bring my mother? boyfriend? dog? - Yes. BUT in my experience adding someone else put more pressure on the model and it's more difficult to get them relax, focus, and just enjoying the session.

What's the process? - An individual session is about 1h, we discuss your goals, we shoot, I then post an online gallery of your proofs, you select which ones you want to order and I edit those and send them to you in full resolution.

How to choose your edits? - Remember your intent with those images. Get advise from people who know the environment you want to use the image (your spouse for a casual portrait, a work colleague for a professional headshot...).