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Mind your Ps to find your Qs.
When choosing your photographer remember to check:
Personality, Purpose,
Portfolio, Prices,
Products, Process & Policies,
Promptness & Professionalism.
My sole focus is to bring the best experience to my clients.
  • - Tailored service to each client. Listening is the success factor.
  • - Transparent collaboration. Because there's just no other way to live.
  • - Top-quality images and products. At the end of the day, those are
    your image, your memories, your marketing supports, and those are important.
    Invest in them.

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So how can I help? What do you need? What do you need to remember forever?
I can't wait to hear about your project and work with you!
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Basic Services


To provide the best photographic experience to my clients and propose great images and products in a fast turnaround.

     - diligent turnaround (always within 2 weeks)
     - basic editing (exposure adjustment, color correction, file conversion)
     - online gallery, with easy browsing/sharing/downloading
     - online print order, directly from the gallery
     - unlimited license for personal/home use and print release
     - ME!  :)


I charge for my time/experience (session fee) and the use of my craft (license/usage fee). I shoot a broad range of assignments and projects. I see photography as a whole, light is light and shooting different things helps understanding a myriad of different lightning situations. Each photography type has its own challenges, criteria and pricing method. I'm aiming to keep mine simple, coherent, and transparent. My prices depend on:
     - LOCATION (where do I have to go?)
     - DURATION (how long will that take me?)
     - DELIVERABLES (what exactly do you need?), and
     - USE (how will you use the images and for how long?).

So what are you interested in? Let's chat/talk/meet :)
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My Pricing is available online. Make sure to check the appropriate section (Events, Portrait, Commercial...).

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My goal is to use those great images we took and create bold products.

For you. Because I believe that's what images are for.

Wall Display, Albums, FolioBox, Movie Poster... the choice is broad and the quality is always there. Design is always hand-made by ME. I work only with the best vendors/printers (accessible only to professionals). So trust me you're going to be WOWed :)

Have a look at my Product Brochure for details and prices.
Let's have fun and create something amazing!

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