1. Booking

Session fee follows my general portrait pricing session fee

$300/h + incidentals (room, transport)

You book the session by paying a non-refundable retainer (usually the session fee).
Payment options @ www.denislargeron.com/Payment

If our shoot is "for free" please make sure to read carefully my TFP specifics.
Trade for Portfolio Details @ www.denislargeron.com/TFP

2. Consultation

We do a consultation (chat/talk/meet), for me to get an idea of what you are looking for. Natural/studio light, nude/underwear/suggestive/more daring, it's your shoot, you decide.

It's a collaborative process. Let me know if you have a specific project/idea/location in mind or if the session will require a stylist, make-up/hair artist. I want you happy :)

Questions to you:
 - Why or who do you do the shoot for?
 - What do you love in your body?
 - What do your partner/people love/compliment in your body?
 - What's unique/personal/meaningful about your body? (dimple, tattoo, beauty marks...)
 - Do you have images you really like? If not, start collecting those to show me what you think sexy is.
 - What's your fantasy shoot? (if it was unlimited budget and time...)
 - What are some of your favorite things?
 - What do you see as final results of our shoot and time together?
 - How far are you interested to go? (skin)

3. Session

LOCATION: Location Location Location. Sessions can be set in any locations, studio, client's home, bed-and-breakfast inn...
The best is to book a hotel room (at client's choice and charge) and shoot there, clean images guaranty and my clients can enjoy the room for a romantic evening. It's a fun, neutral/clean, and exciting environment with usually interesting settings.

TIME: if we book a hotel room we can do mid afternoon after check-in (natural light), evening (artificial light), or morning before check-out(natural light). Check my portfolio to see if you have a preference for natural or artificial light.

DURATION: Usually Dudoir sessions are 1, 2, or 3h.
Obviously, the longer you book, the more images we can get. There is a sweet spot, the first hour people get warm up with the process, the second hour gets the best shots AND a bit of a low from the models, we can do a break and do some more creative shots during the third hour. People are usually dead-tired after 3h (it's a lot of work you'll see).

4. Proofs

GALLERY: You will then receive an online gallery with ALL the hand-corrected proofs of the session. From your gallery you can browse, share, download, and even order gift prints from the best pro lab of the country ($1 for a 4x6). I do not burn CDs, you directly download your back-up files on your computer.

LICENSE: You get unlimited license for personal and print use of those proofs.

PRIVATE: You can decide to put none, some, or all your proofs in a private gallery (most people want frontal nudes in private).

"hand-corrected images" = exposure, white balance, cropping
Web Proofs = 72 dpi, watermark

5. Edits

You then pick which proofs you want me to edit and spice with my WOW secret magic.
My retouching is always subtle and just bring the BEST you.

If your session fee was:
1h $300, you get 3 complimentary edits
2h $600, you get 6 edits
3h $900, you get 9 edits...

Additional edits @ $100 /image.

"edited images" = skin retouch, posture correction... to bring the maximum impact of the image.
Print Files = 300 dpi, watermark-free

6. Products

Most clients want to do something with their images instead of letting them die on a hard drive or plainly post them once on facebook.

Albums, Displays, FolioBoxes, Cubes... I have great products. Have a look and let's talk.

Product Line @ www.denislargeron.com/Products