DUD What?

DUDOIR (Male Boudoir) photography is an exciting challenge for a man/woman to release their inhibitions and reveal or redefine their true self: who you are, who you can be, and who you want to be. I love to reveal that in people. Sexy is not a physical attribute. It's self-confidence. It's a moment when you're enough comfortable with yourself to open-up to others. Love yourself now.

DELIVERABLE: half of my clients are interested in digital images only, the other half get also physical products (displays or a nice album (for their own memory or as a gift to a partner)).

In my experience I see 3 "types" of people interested in Dudoir Photography. Each with different needs but a common goal: getting the best and sexiest images they ever took! You might even be a bit of several types!

1. DARE (Dudoir Discovery)

PROFILE "Curious Curt": You think you cannot take good pictures, you went through a recent life change (break-up, child, weight loss, new job...) and feel the urge to focus more on yourself (god damn it, it's about time!). You want to discover a new light on your own body and find and turn-on that own sexy self-confidence and unique beauty that you know is there inside. Even if you're kind of nervous, and never done that before, you've been following my craft and just feel it's something you have to try.

Self-Discovery & Ego-Boost
I did a Dudoir shoot myself, and we're all the same: I went through doubt, apprehension, total panic, and then realizing that was actually too short, and too much fun. Sure it's a little ego vain treat and some even have guilt about it. But at the same time you see yourself in a completely different light. And getting that surprising self-discovery WOW moment (it's really me!) will make you feel good far beyond the initial viewing. Most people have a switch pushed, they gain self-appreciation, leading to internal validation (instead of the external one that we all futilely chase), leading to more self-confidence, leading to a better, more open attitude, leading to more sex-appeal, leading to be more "popular", leading to more self-appreciation. That's the circle. Nobody feels good about their body. Something is always "not enough" or "too much". And people forget their amazing chest because they focus on their so-called flat ass. We blind and lie to ourselves for some cryptic reasons, you might even realize that that body part you focused your dislike on is a total bomb. Be accepted... by yourself. Fuck what the others think. You deserve it.

2. FLAUNT (Dudoir Fitness)

PROFILE "Gym Jim": You're spending time, money and willpower at the gym, diet, skin care, and clothes. You take care of yourself and you know what you like. You "have it". You want images to remember all that great work (nobody's getting younger) and maybe use the occasion to get a unexpected and original gift to your partner (who doesn't like a sexy print of their loved one) or just get pics for the beach-ready season .

Life is short
It has been in your mind for a while, but you want to wait to lose 5/10/20lb, to finally commit to this gym routine, or just to have Uranus aligned with Mercury. Don't. Just don't. Life is short. Indulge and give yourself a break from that crazy routine. Focus on you for once. You deserve it. And you will have the best images of you to revisit that day or to share with your loved ones (and that includes you on top of the list).

3. ENTICE (Dudoir Sexy)

PROFILE "Sexy Seth": You are sexually active (and responsible of course) and use online dating sites/apps regularly for fun or for money. It is fun. You also know that you don't catch flies with vinegar and that people, including yourself click much more often on profiles with good marketing supports. You want your profile to be efficient honey. ;-)

A Fun Experience
Everyone looks good when they are having a good time. My goal is to bring more than pretty pictures on the table, my goal is to bring a fun and great experience to my clients, with a frosting of confidence. :) It's an experience. It's fun. For sexy pictures studies show that females are attracted to "beauty" shots, very fashion and editorial, males on the contrary like "real", "smiley", "relaxed-confident" and "connected", which happen to be exactly what I'm striving to show in my photography. CQFD/QED.