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Engagement session is a perfect start to prepare for the wedding. It gives the opportunity to connect with the photographer, get great pictures for the wedding invitations/decoration, learn a few things to look better in front of the camera, or simply have fun before the hectic organization of the big day!

WHAT: Most of my clients want to get an engagement session. Usually it's a 1-2h $300 low-key fun couple portrait session somewhere in DC (preferably somewhere connected with your story). 
WHY: It's a perfect way to know each other better and a great time for me to coach what works in front of the camera, for my couple to be at their best the D day. It’s also a unique opportunity to get some “us” time away from the planning stress, doing nothing else than hugging, kissing and gazing at each other, AND getting amazing images of you two. 
WHEN: I recommend you get your engagement session at least 2 months before your actual wedding date, if you want some specific products for your wedding day (guest sign album, movie poster, save the date...) that will let us time to choose, and order them with no stress.
WHERE: ON LOCATION - YOUR LOCATION - Let's go to a nice and romantic/urban place that is meaningful to you (your first kiss? his pop-the-question?...)
HOW LONG: Usually the session last 1h-2h.

And no... you don't need to be freshly engaged to have a couple session. Love is always fashionable.


Most of my couple have usually a few questions about the engagement session. Here are some details.

- To know WHAT TO EXPECT, please both read this email and have a look at my portfolio.
- Usually the DURATION of the session is 1-2 hours.
- Be ON TIME. We will be shooting outside with NATURAL LIGHT, the sun cannot be controlled. Consider traffic time.
- Go to the restroom right before you leave, we might not have easy access on location.
- Some locations require a PERMIT to shoot, this is the client responsibility to find out and to get those if needed. Try also to research if nothing special is happening at this location for the day (like a marathon in the street you had in mind). 
- If you have in mind a SPECIAL PRODUCT, “save-the-date”, guest sign book, movie poster for the reception, or “after-wedding-thank-you” image let me know (writing slate...)!
- If you have SPECIFIC IMAGES you saw and love, feel free to send them to me ahead!

- My aim is to capture your PERSONALITIES, document your AFFECTION, get to KNOW YOU better, COACH you a bit on what looks good on camera, but most importantly have you having A GREAT TIME.
- RELAX. Focus on each other and not the photographer. I will direct you and tell you what to do. If I’m not talking just keep snuggling or smooching :)
- ENJOY. It’s not everyday that you can spend 2h together doing nothing but staring at each other’s eyes, holding hands, hugging, kissing and being super sweet to one another. Unwind from that crazy wedding planning.
- Remember you are IN LOVE. That’s why you are doing this. It is more important than looking perfect. Be yourself and let me take care of the rest!

- Excitement!!! The best thing you can do is to come ready and excited so we can work together to create some amazing images! I don’t expect you to know how to pose or engage with a camera.
- Bring any PROPS that are meaningful to your relationship, reflect your personalities! If you are bringing your PET, bring also a friend to watch the pet while you’re doing other types of pictures.
- Get ready to leave your PURSE and bags in your car. I can carry your key, phone, lip-gloss in my camera bag to let you free to be adorable together.

- Wear clothes that FIT you well. Nothing too baggy or too tight as these things are accentuated on camera and usually end up not being very flattering.
- Wear clothes in which you FEEL GOOD and reflect your PERSONALITY. No wrong answer there. You feel god, you look good, you shoot good :)
- Wear some RICH COLOR! Bold colors look fantastic. You and your love should coordinate your colors without being too matchy matchy.
- In GENERAL, solid-colored clothes always look good, avoid busy patterns or logos, dress the same level of formality as your partner.
- Bring MULTIPLE OPTIONS for outfits to the shoot! It is always good to have choices. Sometimes there are things that will work better on cameras or with the location. A simple jacket can change the color, shape and mood of the outfit. I usually shoot 2 outfits but again, we can do simpler if you prefer. It’s your shoot.

- Wear more MAKEUP than you usually do. It might feel heavy and fake but it looks better on camera.  
- It is even a good idea to schedule your makeup and/or hair TRIAL for your wedding day on the day of your engagement session. You will have a sense of how things looks in camera and maybe amend things for the big day.
- ACCESSORIZE! Belts, hats, scarves, necklaces, and of course shoes. Show your personality with your accessories. See what you like in style magazines and go shopping, have fun!
- Beware with TANNING. Don’t be orange. Self-tanning lotions need time to mix with your skin (3 days). Don’t be pink. UV sessions also need time to blend.
- MANICURE is a good idea for ring shots.

- Be aware of your SOCKS. Nothing worse than a great shot with some white tube socks taking all the attention away.
- Don’t wear your WATCH to the shoot unless it has some emotional meaning, those usually don’t add value to images. 
- That’s your job to MAKE HER FEEL GREAT like a million dollar, relax and laugh. You know the words to whisper. She’s amazing and she chose you.