When choosing a Wedding Photographer you want to consider the STYLE of imagery you're looking for.

Useful terms:


- FASHION: very posed and specific angles with the body, couple usually apart from each other...

- ROMANTIC: soft poses/touches, usually voyeuristic (couple seems to be unaware of the camera)...

- LIFE-STYLE: focus on specific actions/movements (motion posing) like walking, dancing... that gives natural feel/expressions. Curated approach.


- NATURAL: use of whatever light situation is at the time, usually bring a very natural feel and minimal set-up.

- DRAMATIC: most of the time, it's reached with artificial lights (flash, strobes) to overpower the ambient light (looks like a shoot in the night, people back-lit, special effects with rain/reflections...). Requires a bit of time to set up and can be a production but wow effect guarantee (great for wall prints). 


- PHOTO-JOURNALISM / DOCUMENTARY: shooting like a fly on the wall and making sure that what we capture is exactly what is happening, no posing, just foreseeing what's happening next. 100% candids.

- CLASSIC: the traditional images you see, maybe your parents' wedding pictures. A bit more formal, timeless.

- ARTISTIC: a different angle of seeing things, through technics (prism, panning, blur bokeh...) or composition (weddingscapes...), or unconventional angles. Those are non traditional images for not traditional people.


Interested in a specific image look or photography technique? Let me know.
DEPTH OF FIELD: Bokeh, High Dynamic Range
COMPOSITION: Weddingscapes, Silouhettes
DRAMA LIGHT: Solar Eclipse (kill-the-ambiant), Sunset/Skies
DREAMY LIGHT: Back light MOUVEMENT: Sparklers, Panning
POST-PRODUCTION: Alter Ego, Selective Coloring